"Worklife provided an efficient, friendly and personal service to me in enhancing my CV. Within days of working with them I had interviews arranged and a job offer within weeks."

Matt H., Head of Technical Support at Outsourcery

Full access to the hidden job market

3 out of 5 roles are filled within the hidden job market.
WorkLife have been working within this marketplace for over 19 years and understand the inner workings of this segment very well.  We control a lot of the aspects of the marketplace and can give you unhindered, full access to this segment of career opportunities when you become a customer.


Online Profiling / Career Mapping

Your online presence is extremely important when job seeking and has become increasingly more prevalent as years go by.  This is where employers find the majority of information about you. We can advise on the best way to maintain your online profiles on sites such as LinkedIn, iProfile, Twitter etc to ensure recruiters will always see the best of you as a candidate and your skills and achievements will always be available to them.

Profile / CVOptimisation™

CV Optimisation™ is the process of placing your CV at the tops of searches made by recruiters on CV Databases (employers directly or recruitment agencies) when they are actively recruiting. It works just like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on platforms such as Google. This is how over 80% of the UK’s employers are now choosing to recruit.  WorkLife own the trademark to CV Optimisation and are at the forefront of the technicalities behind CV Writing around the world.  We keep a lot of the technical detail a closely guarded secret to protect its effectiveness for you, the customer.  We are very proud of how CV Optimisation™ has enhanced the careers of our customers.  It is the most prominent tool for any career seeking professional and is utilised by customers in Europe and the USA also.

Profile Distribution and Marketing

Once your CV is fully optimised and ready for the marketplace, you can send it to companies who could potentially be seeking a new member of staff with skills matching yours. This will again broaden the amount of recruiters who can access your CV, allowing you to become aware of the rarer roles that perhaps are not advertised or detectable to you as a job seeker.

Interview Coaching / Interview Preparation
Once you reach that all important interview stage, WorkLife will create a tailored, specific mock interview process relating to the role/company you are interviewing for. We will then go through it with you as a role play, as many times as necessary, until you feel completely confident and prepared. There are many benefits to practice interviews. Not only is it the perfect preparation, it also gives you a much better idea of what to expect from the real thing as well as perfecting your techniques and approach. Don’t let the job get away at the final stage!

Inclusion on the WorkLife Database as a Tier 1 Candidate
As a respected WorkLife customer, your new CV will be added to our database, allowing our wide network of employers to view your CV as and when they please. What makes our database so attractive to employers is that if they wish to recruit you after finding you on the database, we will not charge them a fee to do so, which is almost unheard of in recruitment!

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